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Release v2.9.0
  • Added localization for Polish (Jacek).
  • Fixed problems with European encodings of GEDCOM files.
  • Small adaptation of import from the Ahnenblatt.
  • Allow to process and edit maiden and married last names of women. Add several printing formats for such names.
  • Improve culture-specific and culture-independent processing of names. Prepare a framework to attach languages to names and store this in a database.
  • Create auto-update application sample.
  • Combine GUI dialogs "Adding person" and "Edit person".
  • Add new types of facts: blood group, hair color and eyes color.
  • Add demo databases for the Bach and Nehru–Gandhi families.
  • Add demo databases for mitochondrial and Y-chromosome gaplogroups (for ones who are keen on molecular genealogy).
  • To improve modifications safety, GEDKeeper locks a record while user is changing it.
  • Implement modifications canceling after changes have been made in editing GUI dialogs.
  • Fix application behavior after clicking buttons that change parents or parents’ families while user is changing a person in the GUI editor.
  • Improve supporting of multi-monitor configurations.
  • Made a static analysis of the source code – fix over 60 possible defects and errors.
  • Fix many small issues and improve overall application stability.
  • Fix some errors.
  • Add coding style guide.
  • Use Russian name declination in birthday notifications and calculator of relation degree.
  • Improve birthday notifications displaying.
  • Fix behavior of child MDI (database) windows.
  • Improve calculation of UDN and dates sorting when mixing calendar types.
  • Improve English localization.
  • Add calculator of relation degree.
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