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Release v2.6.0
  • Added English localization of help.
  • Export pedigrees to RTF.
  • Add package for distribution on Debian/Ubuntu Linux.
  • Add Mono-supporting (Linux).
  • Add new unique framework for unified encoding and sorting dates in any calendar, with any precision.
  • Restore html-pedigree generation to be compatible with Linux.
  • Simplify help content down to html only to improve Linux compatible (help content has no CHM files).
  • Add a function to duplicate person entries (for cases when you need to share data between two entire namesakes).
  • Add context menu to tables in the main work window.
  • Show calendar label for a date.
  • Remove supporting of Ansel GEDCOM encoding.
  • Add ability to edit several names of one person.
  • Add new statistics: demography, death-rate estimation for men and women on each five years of age.
  • Fix incorrect tree output happened in some modes.
  • Improve personal records merger.
  • Fix notes filtering, when adding into other records.
  • Fix small error on displaying person's associations.
  • Improve plug-in for 3D rendering of tree, but there is a lot more work to do (need a collaborator get used to 3D and dynamic transformation programming).
  • Implement many small fixes and code improvements (speed, safety and stability).
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