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Release v2.3.0
  • Increase size of help content appreciably.
  • Add new type of user-defined reference: "Repressed".
  • Add new statistics: men distribution by month of birth.
  • Improve family book generation.
  • Add quick search to search by name in database main window.
  • Implement many code optimizations; code refactoring.
  • Add authenticity index estimation and indices distribution diagram into the statistics.
  • Add new option to tree editor: user can toggle estimated authenticity indices visibility (indices are estimated basing on confidence factor of information sources).
  • Save columns width in the persons list between application sessions. Optimize column options.
  • Calculate statistics for filtered entries set when filter is enabled.
  • Add persons search in tree editor by matching a part of name.
  • Fix ordering of persons list when generate pedigrees.
  • Improve tree editor rendering; add scrolling smoothness.
  • Improve navigation in tree editor; improve code performance.
  • Implement small improvements in tree editor.
  • Fix small errors; code refactoring and optimizations.
  • Add new plug-in to view images in a window sibling peered to database window. (this, for example, allows to view scanned image of a census and add data simultaneously, without having resort to third party image viewers).
  • Move "Ancestors circle" diagram into an optional plug-in.
  • Restore optional "Life" plug-in - a game to relax a little bit.
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