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Release v2.11.0
  • Added French localization (thanks to Diana Shilnikova).
  • Added images cache for portraits. This improves tree chart performance with large number of attached portraits.
  • Partially fixed the issue with access to media files when user switches between two different operating systems - Linux and Microsoft Windows (the issue was fixed only for relative paths).
  • GEDKeeper is ready to introduce tips with national holidays.
  • Updated photo displaying in the media viewer.
  • Optimized the lists and added sorting arrow icons.
  • Implemented VLC-based internal media player (VLC must be installed separately).
  • Added a new warning (and option to disable the warning) when user adds a media file from removable disk.
  • Added a new option to disable reopening of the most recent opened databases on the program startup.
  • Included YAML-parser implementation to process external databases and configurations.
  • Added ability to print a circle chart with print preview available.
  • Improved charts rendering, zooming, scrolling and navigation inside circle and tree charts [ruslangaripov].
  • Added new control to manage number of visible generations in a tree chart.
  • Improved the popup control for tree chart zooming [ruslangaripov].
  • Fixed HOME directory processing error occurred after new operating system has been installed (both Linux and Microsoft Windows).
  • Added generating and exporting of a new document type - "Album of Trees".
  • "GEDKeeper GUI localization manual" was updated and translated to English [ruslangaripov].
  • GUI improved within tree editor, person portraits management and setting up default portraits showing in the tree [IT].
  • Made small improvements and optimizations.
  • Considered more national language features aware of name processing.
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