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  • Remake pedigree import.
  • Update pedigree import plug-in; it works again.
  • Restore Word and Excel documents loading in pedigree import plug-in.
  • Improve "Ancestors circle" diagram, add ancestors list analysis mode.
  • Improve scrolling of text summaries and tree diagrams.
  • Add slide show used for all images.
Views: 378 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 01.02.2016 | Comments (0)

  • Fix sorting by age and duration of life columns.
  • Add export to Excel function to the statistics block.
  • Improve sorting on columns in all lists of GEDKeeper.
  • Complete storing and loading encrypted files.
Views: 327 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 17.11.2015 | Comments (0)

  • Increase size of help content appreciably.
  • Optimize sorting of main lists with records.
  • Remove flickering when scrolling main lists with records.
  • Print tree diagrams with preview.
  • Fix dates handling in filter dialog.
  • Completely re-implement dates processing when sorting on columns of main lists (sorting now is aware of relative dates; dates rendering is completely separated from dates processing and sorting).
  • Optimize file loading.
  • Remove text flickering when output text in record summaries.
  • Add an experiment: storing and loading encrypted files (it is unable to use it on regular basis - there is no complete specification for encrypted file format).
  • Update English and Ukrainian localizations.
  • Improve locking against modifying of person records and families using privacy/protection property.
  • Optimize filtering by name of a person record.
  • Fix privacy switch for persons and ... Читать дальше »
Views: 362 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 08.11.2015 | Comments (0)

  • Increase size of help content appreciably.
  • Add new type of user-defined reference: "Repressed".
  • Add new statistics: men distribution by month of birth.
  • Improve family book generation.
  • Add quick search to search by name in database main window.
  • Implement many code optimizations; code refactoring.
  • Add authenticity index estimation and indices distribution diagram into the statistics.
  • Add new option to tree editor: user can toggle estimated authenticity indices visibility (indices are estimated basing on confidence factor of information sources).
  • Save columns width in the persons list between application sessions. Optimize column options.
  • Calculate statistics for filtered entries set when filter is enabled.
  • Add persons search in tree editor by matching a part of name.
  • Fix ordering of persons list when generate pedigrees.
  • Improve tree editor rendering; add scrollin ... Читать дальше »
Views: 272 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 18.10.2015 | Comments (0)

  • Fix changing e-mails, web sites and phone numbers in addresses.
  • Switch to 'semver' versioning. There is no more build number in version, only: major.minor.patch.
Views: 252 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 18.01.2015 | Comments (0)

  • Fix small errors.
  • Improve extensions API for plug-ins. Four code blocks were moved out from program to plug-ins.
Views: 268 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 06.10.2014 | Comments (0)

  • Implement emergency save - save user data when application get crashed.
  • Improve multimedia content viewing.
  • Improve diagram functions and controlling.
  • Change output of pedigree generation from HTML to PDF.
  • Complete new filters framework on all lists.
  • Add prototype of API for extensions (plug-ins).
  • Add diagram for viewing patriarchs and their interrelations ("Service\Tools").
  • Add ability to show nicknames in tree diagrams.
  • Improve editing of events and materials.
  • Optimize program kernel; pass main tests.
  • Fix large number of errors and defects.
  • Fix an issue with code pages on export to Excel.
  • Improve large database loading (speed up up to 20-30%).
  • Remove databases merger by synchronization (it is a dead-end siding).
  • Remove export to Web (it lacks of prospects).
  • Remove Undo/Redo history (it is useless).
Views: 296 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 06.03.2014 | Comments (0)

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