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  • Increase size of help content appreciably.
  • Optimize sorting of main lists with records.
  • Remove flickering when scrolling main lists with records.
  • Print tree diagrams with preview.
  • Fix dates handling in filter dialog.
  • Completely re-implement dates processing when sorting on columns of main lists (sorting now is aware of relative dates; dates rendering is completely separated from dates processing and sorting).
  • Optimize file loading.
  • Remove text flickering when output text in record summaries.
  • Add an experiment: storing and loading encrypted files (it is unable to use it on regular basis - there is no complete specification for encrypted file format).
  • Update English and Ukrainian localizations.
  • Improve locking against modifying of person records and families using privacy/protection property.
  • Optimize filtering by name of a person record.
  • Fix privacy switch for persons and ... Читать дальше »
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