GEDKeeper is program for work with personal genealogical database.

From this day on, the main forum for discussing issues related to the program is here:

Views: 618 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 11.04.2019 | Comments (0)

  • Added control unit for several families of parents and for the type of child/parent linkage (adoption, foster, etc.).
  • Improved handling of parts of names.
  • Added option to disable checking for a valid tree size (in most cases, checking is outdated, but can sometimes be useful).
  • Added saving and restoring selected sorting columns in tables.
  • Added the feature to disable the sorting of children and enable sorting of spouses for family's records.
  • Added the feature to select colors for persons in tree charts.
  • Created the Czech translation [Michal Novák].
  • Added GKTray application (birthdays reminder and recent files manager).
  • Added detection of data loops.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Added new validations of data.
Views: 707 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 15.02.2019 | Comments (0)

  • Created the Chinese translation [Cui Jianquan (崔建全)].
  • Created the German translation [Gleb Buzhinsky].
  • The way in the interface for working with multiple files is changed from MDI to SDI (preparation for the future full porting).
  • Considerable redesign of the program architecture.
  • Created the Italian translation of the program [Amalia Boffa].
  • Various minor improvements.
  • Fixed error sending error log in Ubuntu 1604 LTS (Unity).
  • Added a new plugin "Chronicle of events".
  • Fixed saving of column widths in the list of individual records.
  • Improved checking and excluding the second instance of the program.
  • Improved operation of the record lists and processing of the columns.
  • Implemented the formatting of text notes.
  • Automatic replacement of direct links paths to multimedia files when using the program simultaneously between two operating systems (Windows / Linux); you need to manually edit the file of paths.
  • Implemented dis ... Читать дальше »
    Views: 704 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 17.06.2017 | Comments (0)

    • Added French localization (thanks to Diana Shilnikova).
    • Added images cache for portraits. This improves tree chart performance with large number of attached portraits.
    • Partially fixed the issue with access to media files when user switches between two different operating systems - Linux and Microsoft Windows (the issue was fixed only for relative paths).
    • GEDKeeper is ready to introduce tips with national holidays.
    • Updated photo displaying in the media viewer.
    • Optimized the lists and added sorting arrow icons.
    • Implemented VLC-based internal media player (VLC must be installed separately).
    • Added a new warning (and option to disable the warning) when user adds a media file from removable disk.
    • Added a new option to disable reopening of the most recent opened databases on the program startup.
    • Included YAML-parser implementation to process external databases and configurations.
    • Added ability t ... Читать дальше »
    Views: 642 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 28.02.2017 | Comments (0)

    • Added a geocoding engine (Yandex) and their choice in the options (Google/Yandex).
    • Restored search for locations in the editor of locations and window of maps (GoogleAPI).
    • Added language selection in the properties of the GEDCOM file.
    • Save files in any encoding except UTF-8 are deprecated and disabled.
    • Added check for updates on the website
    Views: 701 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 26.12.2016 | Comments (0)

    • Added localization for Polish (Jacek).
    • Fixed problems with European encodings of GEDCOM files.
    • Small adaptation of import from the Ahnenblatt.
    • Allow to process and edit maiden and married last names of women. Add several printing formats for such names.
    • Improve culture-specific and culture-independent processing of names. Prepare a framework to attach languages to names and store this in a database.
    • Create auto-update application sample.
    • Combine GUI dialogs "Adding person" and "Edit person".
    • Add new types of facts: blood group, hair color and eyes color.
    • Add demo databases for the Bach and Nehru–Gandhi families.
    • Add demo databases for mitochondrial and Y-chromosome gaplogroups (for ones who are keen on molecular genealogy).
    • To improve modifications safety, GEDKeeper locks a record while user is changing it.
    • Implement modifications canceling after changes have been made in editing GUI dialogs.
    • Fix application b ... Читать дальше »
    Views: 622 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 18.12.2016 | Comments (0)

    • Correct English localization of the user interface.
    • Add preliminary version of demonstration database for USA users (President).
    • Refine and optimize the source code, fix some errors. GEDKeeper successfully passed a stress test processing a database with more than 60,000 people.
    • Change default interface language to English to improve further internationalization of GEDKeeper.
    • Move the question with calendars to a completion state.
    • Begin unification of a part of the source code that handles locale-specific processing of people names.
    • Add demonstration database for Russian users (Pushkin's family).
    • Add prototype of the new plug-in: "Navigator".
    Views: 664 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 03.09.2016 | Comments (0)

    • Clean and optimize code.
    • Included are a selection of the interface language at first run after installation.
    • Implemented selection of portraits from photos.
    Views: 630 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 14.08.2016 | Comments (0)

    • Added a diagram of the circle of descendants.
    • Improved options of the circle of ancestors.
    • Added generation of ascending pedigrees (ancestors).
    • Fixed minor bugs.
    • Added periodic autosave.
    • In the installer for Windows added support for switching languages.
    • Added backup of files before saving.
    • Fixed display of links in location information.
    Views: 657 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 31.07.2016 | Comments (0)

    • Added English localization of help.
    • Export pedigrees to RTF.
    • Add package for distribution on Debian/Ubuntu Linux.
    • Add Mono-supporting (Linux).
    • Add new unique framework for unified encoding and sorting dates in any calendar, with any precision.
    • Restore html-pedigree generation to be compatible with Linux.
    • Simplify help content down to html only to improve Linux compatible (help content has no CHM files).
    • Add a function to duplicate person entries (for cases when you need to share data between two entire namesakes).
    • Add context menu to tables in the main work window.
    • Show calendar label for a date.
    • Remove supporting of Ansel GEDCOM encoding.
    • Add ability to edit several names of one person.
    • Add new statistics: demography, death-rate estimation for men and women on each five years of age.
    • Fix incorrect tree output happened in some modes.
    • Improve personal records ... Читать дальше »
    Views: 582 | Added by: Norseman | Date: 20.06.2016 | Comments (0)

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